Danika Cooper Jewellery - Pasifika Jewellers Danika and Tumua - Our story!

Danika Cooper and Tumua Tuifao started Danika Cooper Jewellery in early 2017, after being faced with a common dilemma. 
'One size does NOT fit all' 
Tumua was after a bracelet and ring, but with 20cm wrists and a finger size that is five sizes larger than the regular men's ring sizing, stores just didn't stock styles in his size; and cost a small fortune to be custom made.
This is when they decided to give it a shot at making jewellery to fit him.
Danika, always had a fascination with jewels and jewellery and spent many hours as a child admiring her Grandmother's trunk of treasures collected from her travels. She soon got to work searching and sourcing materials to make Tumua's desired pieces.
After making a few bracelet styles and being proud of these creations, Danika posted a few snaps of the bracelets to her Facebook page, It was soon apparent that many others were facing the same problem and they were quickly inundated with requests from family and friends about custom creations.
From there both Danika and Tumua then attended an Auckland based gold smith school, thus giving them the knowledge and skills they needed to create more complex designs and work with precious metals and gemstones.
Now Danika Cooper Jewellery has a diverse range of low, mid range and fine line jewellery. Their styles are heavily influenced by the Pacific and Polynesian cultures; and they strive to offer luxury styles at affordable prices.
The belief that you shouldn't need to spend a million dollars to feel a million dollars, is something that encapsulates the idea behind Danika Cooper Jewellery.
The duo endeavour to create unique styles that make people feel great without costing them a fortune.
Danika Cooper Jewellery is a CPAA (Cultured Pearl Association of America) certified specialist, and particularly focus on working with Tahitian black pearls.
Danika and Tumua work directly with pearl farms in French Polynesia to provide beautiful pearls that are literally, one of a kind.
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