Our Pearls

pearl farm French PolynesiaWe are super honoured to source our Tahitian black pearls directly from French Polynesia, in the South Pacific.
Famous for their amazing colour and clarity the lagoons of the Tuamotu Islands are renowned for creating pearls that have a beautiful spectrum of colours, stunning luster and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
pearl farm French PolynesiaWe choose pearl lots from our famer post-harvests, and then right here in our Auckland workshop, each pearl is hand picked with a unique piece of jewellery in mind.
The process of seeding and raising a pearl is a long one and requires considerable care and skills. Each pearl is the result of at least 12 months of nacre secretion over the nuclei. 
Here at Danika Cooper Jewellery, we choose to work with pearls that have some natural imperfections, and thus allow us to provide you with genuine pearls that are affordable in price and yet still beautiful to the eye.
Please let us know if you are looking for a specific pearl(s), if we don't have what you are looking for in stock, we can look at ordering in just for you.