Surviving with a small business during Covid lockdown

Surviving with a small business during Covid lockdown


We are in one again and it seems like life as we knew it 3 years ago will never return. 

With a small business covid has had a different affect on us. Last year we went into the first lockdown only 3 weeks after having our little boy. It meant that many of our friends and family didn't get to visit or meet Theo till much later in the year. For our business, back then it wasn't such a huge deal, we had decided that for 3 months we would focus on adjusting to parenthood.

This time round however we have a 18month old extremely active toddler and a business that we rely on solely for providing for our family.

We have had to adapt hugely to lockdown, including cancelling pop up markets and working to create online sale events.

Freight issues have also held up supplies and many of our NZ suppliers haven't been operating so we have had to work with what stock we have on hand. For custom orders this has been quite a challenge and it has us thinking outside the box everyday!

We are so very grateful for everyone who has supported us over the past month and who continue to support us.

I write this blog as I'm waiting after having our first covid vaccinations, we want to fight covid and stomp it out of our community so we can get back out to see our family and friends, as well as host pop up events and see all your beautiful faces again!

Mask up, stay home and let's kick covids butt! ❤️ 

Stay safe everyone!


Danika x

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