As part of the Trillionaire Thugs NFT family we wanted to create jewellery made by the community for the community.

The journey of joining Trillionaire Thugs has been a huge one for us. It opened our eyes to a whole new world and a whole new opportunity for us personally and for our business.

We love that the space created by the founders is one that embraces the idea of aiga and shared knowledge. It's about surrounding yourself with like minded people who want to grow, learn, and network.

We also love the acronym of T.H.U.G - True Hustlers Utilize Grind. This is something we believe in as hodlers of NFTs thugs ourselves, we are heavily invested in the project and the community, and want to utilize our skillset to benefit the community and its members.

With this we have decided that we will be reinvesting a percentage of every sale we make on the TThugs jewellery back into the community. This will be in the purchase of Trillionaire Thugs NFTs and will be looking at how we can collaborate with other members and their businesses to grow the community and those within it!

The opportunities in the metaverse space are endless and we can't wait to share our passion and love for what we do with the Trillionaire Thugs community and take the project to moon! If you aren't part of the Trillionaire Thugs community, it's not too late.

Please click here to learn more about the project, the community and the NFT space it is dominating!

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QueenDCJewellery and TJeweller